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Excellent prices for non-ferrous metals in Northern Ireland

If you are looking for a company that buys and sells non-ferrous metals in Belfast, Northern Ireland, contact Ballyvesey Recycling Solutions Ltd today.

Make the most out of your non-ferrous scrap metal

At Ballyvesey Recycling Solutions Ltd, we buy and sell all grades of non-ferrous materials. We buy, sell and recycle copper pipe, copper wire, copper tanks, lead, stainless steel, brass and mixed aluminium. We offer great prices for your non-ferrous scrap metal. Our expert metal collectors offer hassle-free scrap metal collection services at competitive prices. Have a look at our gallery to get an idea about the types of non-ferrous metals we purchase.
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Non-ferrous metals we sell include:

  • Dry bright, burnt and mixed copper wire
  • Copper tanks
  • Flat electro copper
  • Lead and gun metal
  • Stainless steel and mixed brass
  • Brass and copper radiators
  • Mixed aluminium, including extrusions, cast, litho, rims, sheet and gearboxes
We also sell ferrous metals.

Friendly service

As scrap metal recycling specialists, we process all grades of recyclable metal and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. This is done through redistribution of metals, so they can be used again and again. Do you want to know how much you get for your non-ferrous scrap metal? At Ballyvesey Recycling Solutions Ltd, our team is always happy to discuss your requirements. We will provide you with a quote for your scrap metal. Talk to our experts today.
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